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Holiday in the National Park Sumava

For people interested in agro tourism and people who are enthusiastic about walking and hiking in the nature.

We are offering nice and pleasant holiday in well strategically located place in the Sumava mountains – you can discover Sumava from the southern side and stay at our campsite or farmhouse in Horosedly by Ckyne.

Campsite in Horosedly is located at the foothills of the southern part of the National Park Sumava, at the edge of a quiet village. At the campsite are separate bathrooms with showers and large covered fireplace. The owner has a small farm with 30 hectares of land, focused on traditional extensive sheep and cattle breeding.

Until 2003 we have been members of the ECEAT association, but because of our small capacity and growing expenses and charges from the side of the organization we decided to make our own web-site.



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